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i'm going to show you howto get instagram followers fastusing the lightning method the lightningmethod has four simple stepsand you can use it to gain thousands ofreal followers on instagram for freein a very short space of time so if youwant to learn how to growon instagram and get free instagramfollowers quickly then be sure to watchthe videountil the end to learn how to do itlet's get starteddon't forget to subscribe for morevideos like this and be sure to turn onnotificationsand if you're a new subscriber to mychannel then let me know by leaving acomment below the video saying isubscribed and i'll reply to each andevery one of youlet's dive straight in so first off letme show you a brand new instagramaccount 

which i created just for thisvideo so i created this example accountfor the fashion industry and you can seethe account haszero followers and zero likes on t…

Asus rog gameing phone 3 review: the spec king returns 2020

Asus rog gameing phone 3 review: the spec king returns 2020
i don't know if you remember but thewinningest phone of my smartphone awardslast yearwas the asus rog phone 2 the spec kingso that thing won the best big phone ofthe year that had the best battery lifeof the yearand won the most improved award so howdo they follow it upwith this this is the asus rog phone3. so i've been using and testing thisphone alongside the oneplus nord for acouple weeks nowand basically

what you need to know isit follows very closely in a lot of thesame footstepsas rog phone 2 similar design and specsand choicesbut just bumped up a notch for 2020and really there are two incrediblethings about this phone that continue tostick out and that isthe battery and the specs so this designas you can seeit's

kind of funny when i first saw it iwas like oh no wait they're toning itdowneven more remember the first rog phonewas totally wildthe second rog phone was a little toneddown from that and so i s…